Sunday, 10 May 2015

Process Monitor saves the day

For some time now on my main development machine I’ve been having issues – Visual Studio has begun taking an extremely long time to load, and when running or debugging web apps these too have been taking too long to startup.

It’s one of those issues where you put off fixing it for a while as it’s not too bad, but then it gets to the point where it’s really hampering the dev/test/debug cycle, so this morning I set about working out what it could be. I disabled the extensions I have loaded and that made little difference, so then went to ProcessMonitor to see if I could work out what was happening.

In the case of Visual Studio, it would take around a minute to start a fresh copy. This was way too long. For websites, it was maybe 30 seconds or so – again, way too long. With process monitor running I created a new instance of Visual Studio, waited until it was done, and then paused event capture and went to have a look into the events.

It wasn’t long before I noticed a *lot* of files being written to the C:\logs directory – on my machine I keep this for one of two file types, actual log files from my code, and log files from the assembly log viewer, FusLogVw.exe. Smoking gun in hand I had a quick look at the size of the Logs directory and it was up to 8GB! Oops.

A small while later (after disabling FusLogVw.exe and deleting the files), I’m back to snappy performance with VS loading in about 4 seconds, and websites in a second or so.

Normal service resumed. Phew!


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